With Seattle versus Denver, call it the Stupor Bowl

Super Bowl logoAs the celebration by Seattle of the Seahawks victory over the (locally) hated San Francisco 49ers was beginning last night, so were the jokes.

What to call the first Super Bowl match ever between the largest cities in the only two states to have legal recreational pot?

As a public service, New To Seattle has compiled some of the early contenders:

–Stupor Bowl.

–Super Skunk XLVIII.

–Bong Bowl.

–Pot Bowl.

–Super Bowl AK 48.

–Blaze Bowl.

Whatever the name, on Media Day, as one of my high school friends just wrote, the two teams can have a joint press conference, and during the game the two-minute warnings will have to be given at 4:20.

But remember, the game will be held in a stadium in a state where pot use is illegal, my native New Jersey. However, thanks to certain actions by the staff office of Governor Chris Christie concerning the George Washington Bridge, just a few miles away, the nickname “EZ Pass” is now available. Which might be what legal weed really is all about.

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2 Responses to With Seattle versus Denver, call it the Stupor Bowl

  1. Jeff, another worthy entry.

  2. Jeff Laderman says:

    The Doobie Bowl?

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