About William P. Barrett

A native of New Jersey, I have lived around the U.S. and abroad pursuing a career as a journalist and writer for four decades. Review my background, career and writings at www.williampbarrett.com. In 2011 my 16th relocation brought me to the shores of Puget Sound. Please consider this blog a modest public effort to explore the essence of Seattle and its environs. My email address is: wmpb@aol.com . Meanwhile, look later this year for publication of my first novel, Offside: A Mystery, about the murder of a referee of youth soccer at the height of the California real estate boom in 2006.

6 Responses to About William P. Barrett

  1. Some charities have been known to become aggressive toward those sent a pledge card who do not send back money. I don’t know if Breast Cancer Research & Support Fund is one of those. But since there is no consideration or detrimental reliance on the part of the charity for your modest pledge, I rather doubt it is enforceable as a contract. And that’s before raising the issues of deception and misrepresentation. However, if for some reason the charity does get on your case, let me know and perhaps a spotlight can be cast upon the situation.

  2. Gail Moa says:

    I thank you for your dialogue on the Breast Cancer Research & Support Fund (http://bit.ly/12MhzDj). I had a sweet lady call 2 weeks ago when I was under the gun with flu. I am Canadian and do feel sympathy for those caught in medical expense in WA. I agreed to a small donation but decide to investigate online. Non-compliance with the BBB only made me more curious. Your answers were my aha! moment.
    So, my small donation is going to the Edensaw Corp. Port Townsend WA who does help individuals in the community – directly.
    I am not sure if they can sting me for what i said I would give – a gentleman came on the phone to confirm me – I think he sends time shares in his other job.
    Anytime you would like to visit the Port Townsend area, please contact me.

  3. No question Jadent Inc. has an interesting list of clients, at least here in Washington State. But aside, perhaps, from a certain amount of experience in this area, I really have no sources other than publicly available documents and filings that you or others can look up. For the time being, I pretty much confine my New To Seattle writings to Seattle-area topics.

  4. Josie Lane says:

    I am interested in some of the other charities (besides AmVets) that Jadent, Inc. receives pledges for–especially Oregon Association Chiefs of Police, which seem pretty “iffy” as to their authenticity. You seem to have some sources that I am not privvy to. Maybe you should/could explore their whole organization? It might be interesting…

  5. teresameek says:

    Hi, I really enjoy your blog, and I just linked to your Talking Trash post in my new blog post. If you want to see it, it’s in the Efficient Technologies post 2 grafs below the photo of the recycling brochure.

  6. Zan Deery says:

    Welcome to Seattle, Welcome to the Pacific NW, Welcome North…Seattle is fortunate to have you with your expertise and insights, Bill…Hopefully, you will help influence and engage “Seattle settlers” and give them plenty to think about…Newcomers like you have the ability to bring fresh perspectives. Here’s to your arrival!

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